The Agenda: Your Business SuperPower

Your Unique & Competitive Advantage

Are you running from meeting to meeting with little to show for it?

Learn The Secret Power to Running A Meeting Worth Attending

>> Do you get to the end of your workday only to realize that it's not over?

>> Constantly chasing people trying to hold them accountable?

>> Feel like you're talking but no one is listening?

>> Can't achieve your business goals even though you are working hard?

>> You know the company vision...but, why can't you bring your people on board?

When leaders can’t get results from
their people, they say things like,
“I tell them what to do but they just don’t do it",
they believe their people are the only ones that need to change.

It all starts at the top.

Do you...

  • Want to take back control of your time?
  • Want more time to focus on core business?
  • Want those around you to be more accountable?
  • Need to improve team productivity?
  • Want to instill company vision and values?
  • Want to have an engaged team that achieves daily goals?
Have you spent vast dollar amounts on training that has failed to yield results?
Even tried spending time and money attempting to identify our differences as human beings in an effort to increase your team’s abilities to work together to achieve common business goals?
Like we didn't already know we are all different!
Do you want to radically transform performance, productivity, engagement and results?
Look no further...
Meetings are your untapped opportunity, your solutions and your unique competitive business advantage.
You know how awful it feels when you wake up and your very first thought is Oh No its another work day.
I’ve been there…as soon as my eyes would open that feeling of dread would wash over me, another day!
And that’s why I founded 
Meet Your Teacher

A perceptive operations strategist and business champion, Tammy has over 25 years of management and leadership experience in both large corporate environments and building a start-up company from 0 to 125-million-dollar market cap.Tammy excels at the crossroads where people, procedures and policies meet, and is well known as a positive change agent for organizations in transition.

“I have pulled all on all of my experience and expertise to create courses that would give my students a competitive advantage in business through how they conduct their meetings. You will also learn from my mistakes so you don't have to make the same ones! I have been delivering results my entire career and that is exactly what I will deliver to you!”

Tammy Sherger

CEO & Chief Meeting Master

Once you learn how to Master the Art of the Meeting through our...

  • Comprehensive online training system
  • Online workshops and coaching
  • In person workshops and coaching
  • Guided and carried out by masters’ meetings are an essential and powerful engine to direct and mobilize companies

Do you want to know a SECRET ?

Business doesn’t have to be so HARD...

...and work can be FUN !

Introducing your competitive advantage.

After The Agenda: Your Business SuperPower, you'll be able to execute:
  • Meetings that are purposeful and drive action
  • Improved planning and decision making
  • Higher profit due to efficiency
  • Engaged people who are enjoying their work
  • A Culture of Accomplishment
  • A solution to common business issues
  • Meetings become your strategy to produce predictable results
You are at a point of decision.
You can either continue down the path of least resistance, the path you have already been on...
Or you can choose the road less traveled!
  Did you know that 75 % of people have never received formal training on how to conduct a meeting!?   
The path of least resistance will probably result in your getting the same outcome you have always gotten.
But if you want something different to happen...
...If you want to be one of the 25% who makes the decision to take advantage of formal meeting training!
You will hold a Unique & Competitive Business Advantage!
As you Maximize Your Impact, Influence
and Results in every meeting.
For every $1 you invest in Meeting Training you can expect to recoup up to $2000.

Your investment today is only $197.00

Is this Course Right for You?


  • You are running from meeting to meeting with little to show for it
  • Working hard but not achieving your business goals
  • Getting to the end of your work day only to realize it’s not over
  • Constantly chasing people down trying to hold them accountable
  • Wasting time in bad meetings is leaving you no time for your real work


  • Leaving every meeting with a sense of accomplishment
  • Already using meetings as your strategy to produce predictable results
  • Experiencing peak performance and productivity
  • Goal achievement is easy for you
  • You have so much time in your day you are checking Facebook


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 Creating a Culture of Accomplishment

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