Meetings Do Matter

Why Traditional Meeting Advice Is Wrong

 No company or person wants to admit that their meetings waste tens of thousands of dollars, are unproductive, or lack clear direction.

Yet businesses throughout the world are doing just that by holding useless, draining and unpopular get-togethers.

Ineffective Meetings are a 20 billion-dollar drain on the Canadian economy.

Statistics speak for themselves...

>> Managers are spending up to 60 hours per month in meetings.

>> 2 out of 3 Meetings end prior to a decision being made.

>> 25% of meetings are spent discussing irrelevant issues.

>> Productivity experts Drs. Romano and Nunamker say it can cost up to $1000 per employee per meeting.

How much of that drain is coming from your business?

Are your meetings dragging you down?

Want to plug the drain of Bad Meetings?

Want to take back control of your time?

Want to spend time doing your Real Work?

Want to get Stuff done in your Meetings?

Want to jump off the Meeting Wheel?

So why hasn’t it happened for you yet?

Come on admit it......

This isn’t the first time you’ve tried to find a solution to those dreaded time-wasting, accomplish nothing meetings.

There is no clearly associated cost given to these bad meetings so it doesn’t show up as an expense on your financial statements.

If it did there would be a STAMPEDE of outraged Executives demanding that this problem be fixed.

Prevent meeting madness and get trained!

75 % of people have never had formal training on how to conduct a meeting.

Meetings are our most common form of business communication.

After introducing important strategies and implementing a system for how meetings should be conducted, people experienced:

Fewer Meetings That Resulted in Improved Productivity,

Performance Excelled,

Better Co-Worker Relationships,

Accountability Improved,

and Everyone Got On The Same Page

Want to learn this strategy?

Introducing Meetings Do Matter

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

When you leave your meeting you must be able to say,‘Yes, I achieved my goal!'

For every $1 you invest in Meeting  Training,

you can expect to recoup up to $2,000.

Your investment today is only $197

Meet Your Teacher

A perceptive operations strategist and business champion, Tammy has over 25 years of management and leadership experience in both large corporate environments and building a start-up company from 0 to 125-million-dollar market cap.Tammy excels at the crossroads where people, procedures and policies meet, and is well known as a positive change agent for organizations in transition.

“I have pulled all on all of my experience and expertise to create courses that would give my students a competitive advantage in business through how they conduct their meetings. You will also learn from my mistakes so you don't have to make the same ones! I have been delivering results my entire career and that is exactly what I will deliver to you!”


Tammy Sherger

CEO & Chief Meeting Master

Is this Course Right for You?


  • You are running from meeting to meeting with little to show for it
  • Working hard but not achieving your business goals
  • Getting to the end of your work day only to realize it’s not over
  • Constantly chasing people down trying to hold them accountable
  • Wasting time in bad meetings is leaving you no time for your real work


  • Leaving every meeting with a sense of accomplishment
  • Already using meetings as your strategy to produce predictable results
  • Experiencing peak performance and productivity
  • Goal achievement is easy for you
  • You have so much time in your day you are checking Facebook


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