Most people believe that ‘meetings’ only happen in big boardrooms. In reality, every time we interact with another person in our business or during our workday we are having a meeting…. we’re just not calling it that!

Does this sound familiar?

>> Sitting in meetings thinking “why am I here, this is a waste of my time”?

>> Running from meeting to meeting with little to show for it?

>> Feel like you’re talking but no one is listening?

>> Constantly chasing people down trying to hold them accountable?

If the cost associated with bad meetings were an expense item on a company’s financial statements, there would be a stampede of executives demanding change.

What if we could….

>> Give you back time to focus on your ‘real work’

>> Improve productivity and elevate performance

>> Have meetings that are purposeful and drive action

>> Align your team with the vision and the core values

>> Demonstrate a significant and measurable return on investment

When leaders can’t get results from
their people, they say things like,

“I tell them what to do but they just don’t do it",

they believe their people are the
only ones that need to change.

Meet Your Teacher

A perceptive operations strategist and business champion, Tammy has over 25 years of management and leadership experience in both large corporate environments and building a start-up company from 0 to 125-million-dollar market cap.Tammy excels at the crossroads where people, procedures and policies meet, and is well known as a positive change agent for organizations in transition.

“I have pulled all on all of my experience and expertise to create courses that would give my students a competitive advantage in business through how they conduct their meetings. You will also learn from my mistakes so you don't have to make the same ones! I have been delivering results my entire career and that is exactly what I will deliver to you!”


Statistics speak for themselves:

  • ‘Bad Meetings are a drain on time, money and resources.
  • An estimated 20- billion- dollar drain on the Canadian economy.
  • Managers can spend up to 60 hours per month in meetings.
  • $1000 U.S. dollars that is how much an unneeded meeting can cost a company according to 2 of the worlds foremost experts on productivity, Drs. Romano and Nunamaker.
  • Most experts believe that targeted, timely meeting workshops can significantly curb the waste of time, energy and resources.
  • 75% of people have NEVER received formal training on how to conduct a meeting.

The revolution begins with you. Develop a meeting strategy, daily processes, and new meeting behaviour by having one or more of your people become Meeting Master Certified!


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