Is your business or career growth dependant on meeting and interacting with clients?

>> Are you meeting over and over again with little to show for it?

>> Are you struggling to move potential clients to the next step in your sales funnel?

>> Have your clients moved on to someone new and you just don’t know why?

>> Sales, repeat clients and referrals not where you need them to be to have a successful business?

Client experience is the PERCEPTION that clients have of their interactions with you and your business.

What are your clients really thinking about you?

Isn’t it time you became a skilled expert at creating the optimum environment to produce results for you and your client at every single meeting?

Recognize how a common business practice, such as the meeting when conducted using a system and strategy can radically improve your productivity, performance & results.

In this live 1 day workshop, we will teach you the unique, competitive advantage the Client Magnet Agenda© can deliver to you and your business growth!

Meet Your Teacher

A perceptive operations strategist and business champion, Tammy has over 25 years of management and leadership experience in both large corporate environments and building a start-up company from 0 to 125-million-dollar market cap.Tammy excels at the crossroads where people, procedures and policies meet, and is well known as a positive change agent for organizations in transition.

“I have pulled all on all of my experience and expertise to create courses that would give my students a competitive advantage in business through how they conduct their meetings. You will also learn from my mistakes so you don't have to make the same ones! I have been delivering results my entire career and that is exactly what I will deliver to you!”


You will learn:

  • How to use meetings to create a client experience that will have your clients raving about your service.
  • How the Client Magnet Agenda© is the key to build trust and elevate your credibility with your clients.
  • What is the Circle of Habit and how to use it to tap into your client’s decision-making process.
  • The 5 most important components of a Client Magnet Agenda© that will give you a strategic and competitive advantage.
  • How to kick your rapport up to a strategic level.

If you are not using a strategic system to conduct your client meetings you are missing out on a huge business advantage. Client meetings are not the same as grabbing coffee with a friend.

Client Meetings are a prime opportunity to take your business from just making a living to super successful.


Talk To The Right People In Every Meeting.
Learn The Art Of the Well-Chosen Invitation

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