Employee Engagement

Is TIME running you? Do you want to be more Productive?
July 8, 2017
The Elephant in the Room
July 8, 2017


Do your employees feel like they are running up against a brick wall every day? That everything gets talked about but nothing gets resolved?

Are you feeling that way too?

Sometimes, as managers and executives we believe that what we need is a big new initiative, maybe a new communications strategy, or some kind of internal shuffle to mix it up a bit if we feel people aren’t effective or engaged.

But what if the solution is not as ‘big’ as that? What if the solution is in the small daily actions?

People thrive on small daily accomplishments.  They thrive on the idea that they’ve contributed, they have made progress.

This is what an effective leadership team will do – create an environment where their employees can feel a sense of accomplishment – every single day.

What do managers do almost every day? Sometimes multiple times/day?

They attend meetings.

What if the environment you are trying to create could be created within the structure of those meetings?

What if the meeting, and how it was run, could be the foundation to building a culture of accomplishment?

Those feelings that are so important don’t just happen – they are a result of actually accomplishing things every day. They are a result of being heard, of having their ideas listened to and acknowledged.

It is not about changing communication strategies, or creating new missions. It’s about changing daily behaviours in a way that is impactful and sustainable.

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