About Us

Meetings are our Core Business not just an add-on service to some other specialty or training.

Do you want to:

  • Transform performance, productivity, and results?
  • Does your employee engagement need an uplift?
  • Are you tired of chasing people down trying to hold them accountable?
  • Is your business growth dependant on client meetings?
  • Do you want your clients to be raving fans?
Look no further!

Meeting are your untapped opportunity, your unique solution, and your competitive business advantage! You just need to learn how to maximize their impact and influence.

You know how AWFUL it feels when you wake up and your very first thought is “Oh No it’s another Work Day”!

I have been there before…as soon as my eyes would open that feeling of dread would wash over me…. I have to go to work!

And that is why I founded The Meeting Revolution……because I know a SECRET...

Business doesn’t have to be so HARD


Work can be FUN!

Mission Statement

Transforming People and Business One Meeting at a Time


Igniting a global revolution to ensure that every person becomes a Meeting Master.

Core Values

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